Home Replacement Cost Calculator

With our home replacement cost calculator, you can calculate the dollar amount it would take to rebuild your house in case it is destroyed in an unfortunate event. If you have homeowners insurance coverage, it should match the replacement cost of your house.

How to Use Home Replacement Cost Calculator?

Home Replacement Cost Calculator

To calculate the home replacement cost, simply input the number of square feet of your house and the current cost per square foot of your house, or residential properties in your area.

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Home Replacement Cost Calculator


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What is the replacement cost of your home?

Your home’s replacement cost is the sum of money required to reconstruct it once it has been destroyed. This price should be determined by how much it would cost to rebuild your house today, not when you first bought it.

Your home’s dwelling coverage is calculated using the replacement cost. Your replacement cost should be sufficient to entirely rebuild your home if it is completely damaged and needs to be rebuilt.

The 80% rule is followed by insurers when calculating replacement costs. If you acquired homeowners insurance coverage that is 80% of the replacement cost of your home, they will only pay for replacement costs. Obtaining sufficient coverage is essential for this reason.