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Even though we have a group of writers with insurance industry backgrounds who regularly contribute to our blog, we’re always looking for more content from other industry experts or those with takes about insurance that can add value for our readers. In this regard, we also accept guestposts. 

There are certain guidelines you have to follow in order that your blog post gets published. These are mentioned below:

  • Make sure your blog post has a minimum word count of  between 700-3500. We do not accept guestposts with wordcount that is below 700. 
  • Your blog post has to be about insurance, duh! We will not publish an article if its not directly or indirectly related to insurance.
  • We only allow one do-follow link.
  • Make sure your blog post is well-written, non-redundant and free of any grammatical errors. Our editor would evaluate your post when you send it to us and we won’t publish a poorly written blog.
  • Make sure its not fluff. We want to provide accurate and useful information to our users and so your blog content should be backed with cross-verifiable data from credible sources.
If your blog post meets the guidelines, we’d publish it with an author byline based on the information your provide us in the form below. 

Note: we charge $20 per guestpost and will charge you if your guestpost meets the guidelines and is qualified for publishing.

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